Wear Your Elaborate Or Not-so-detailed Choker With A Simple Neckline So That The Look Is Not Overwhelming.

It's time to go royal with the colon that is stealing all hearts. The fashion in this decade was about experimentation with fabrics and patterns. 1970s' Trends for Clothing and Hairstyles If there was one clothing item that defined the 70s, it was belled bottom knickers. On observing the profile of this look, one would notice the famous 'S-curve' silhouette, the trend of the day. Ascot ties were worn with dress shirts as part of formal day wear. The clothes, especially summer trends, are designed keeping in mind their demand for: Apparel that can be worn at formal and informal dos. Mostly worn as a part of school uniform, they were paired with Oxford shoes or different kinds of loafers. Coors such as red, purple, bottle green, and mustard are a few colons which you must try.

Frankly, we eat it up. This is part of the reason why I think Coachella and other music festivals have become so popular. Modern festivals draw much of their aesthetics from 1969s Woodstock Festival in New York. Combined with the current events of that time, namely the civilrightsmovement and widespread protests against the Vietnam War, the drug-filled festival became a symbol of the hippie counterculture and the revolt against the establishment. Coachella has tried to establish this feeling of camaraderie for its attendees by creating an opportunity for individualism. However, this individualism is not fostered through a straight-up rebellion like Woodstock, but instead through a space in which people are allowed to be themselves without judgment. It sounds nice on the surface, but Coachella has turned itself into a bubble separate from the real world, where celebrities and other attendees do not get reprimanded for their actions because they are merely expressing themselves even if that expression is offensive to other people. This is the core of why I cannot stand Coachella. It has good intentions but has instead become a catalyst for entitlement. Perhaps Coachellas influence would be different and less intense if so many public figures and celebrities did not regularly attend.


Ponchos, Peace Signs, Chain Belts, And Velvet Trousers Were All An Important Part Of The Clothes That Most Men Wore In The Sixties.

When Paris and Milan were cut off from the rest of the world during the battles, United States fashion designers had to rely on their wits, instead of getting 'inspired' by their French and Italian counterparts, to create something out of the blue. The boot suits were wide legged and high waist knickers with long coats. Trussardi's fashion takes you back to the time when retro fashion was a way of life. This winter, the fashion mantra is layers-upon-layers. As for the knickers, metallic shades of black, Cray, and blue looked svelte when combined with pointed leather shoes and boots. Bermuda shorts were also extremely sought after and often worn with knee-length socks. All types of denims were favoured - gasoline, stripped and acid-washed denims.

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