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MORE: Higher Prices Dont Stop Yankees Fans From Buying Up Tickets For Derek Jeter Night It was the first Sheffield met Jeter. Kaprielian was also at last years gathering. Its very casual. He said, Ask me anything about on or off the field, and Ill tell you the best answer I can,' Kaprielian recalled. You look around the room, and all the guys were eyes open, ears open. It was pretty special for all of to be there. Sheffield grew up a Red Sox fan, but said he always liked Jeter. I loved watching him play and the way he went about his business, Sheffield said. How can you not like Derek Jeter? ROTATION TIME Manager Joe Girardi said 36-year old left-hander CC Sabathia, coming off arthroscopic knee surgery in October, likely will pitch in simulated games instead of spring training exhibitions during the first few times through the rotation. Girardi said Sabathia has not had any knee issues but the team is able to control his routine better with a simulated game. Back-of-the-rotation candidate Bryan Mitchell will start Fridays spring-training opener against Philadelphia.

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